Green Statement

Working towards a greener future......

Energex Tube Celebrates Earth Day: Environmental commitment and employee involvement , exceeding environmental regulatory requirements.

This year, employees assisted in a plant wide clean-up of the yard and perimeter of the facility. Over 50 bags of garbage and containers of recyclable materials were collected and captured. A BBQ was later hosted and all of the employees were invited to participate.

Waste Diversion

Energex Tube has implemented waste management practices to reduce waste generation. Waste Audits have shown that the overall diversion for the facility was calculated at 78%,. This means that only 22% of all waste that is generated by Energex Tube ends up in a landfill!

PCB Remediation

Did you know Energex Tube invested over $5 million in a PCB remediation project? The remedial action was a huge undertaking to improve the environment and secure our position with what is important in our community.

In 1988, Stelpipe placed PCB impacted material into secure storage. The Province of Ontario has regulated the storage of PCB's since 1982 and the secured storage site was operated under the Ministry of Environment's approval for a several years. In 2010/2011, Energex Tube successfully removed all of the PCB impacted soils from its storage site. The material was accepted at an approved receiving facility whereby the material was handled using specific treatment technology. In August 2011, the former PCB storage units on Energex Tube property were dismantled.